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02SL-250-22 otra maquinaria agrícola

02SL-250-22 otra maquinaria agrícola
Foto: 02SL-250-22 otra maquinaria agrícola
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650 €
Precio sin IVA
≈ 702 US$
Tipo otra maquinaria agrícola
Ubicación Países Bajos Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel
Fecha de publicación más de 1 mes
Id. de Autoline JR6418
Número de registro 9929141211B
Información adicional: inglés
Technical specifications: 2855 rp/m 2,2 kw
Culture: Vegetables
Van Dijk CO2 dosing unit / extraxtion ventilator
A high percentage of CO2 is present in the moist flue gases in gas-fired equipment
By dosing these gases in a controlled manner in the cultivation area, the CO2 is used as a fertilizer
Van Dijk heating only uses high-quality materials for its dosing units
The ventilators are fitted with a plastic casing with a stainless steel fan
The motor and valve supports are made from stainless steel too
We are pleased to be able to offer you a sophisticated design and also guarantee reliable operation and a long working life
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