TOYOTA LC70 Series 4.5 litre Hard top Land Cruiser LHD ambulancia nueva

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Modelo LC70 Series 4.5 litre Hard top Land Cruiser LHD
Tipo ambulancia
Año de fabricación 2021
Ubicación Emiratos Árabes Unidos Dubai
Fecha de publicación mar 29, 2021
Id. de Autoline RV7947
Marca Toyota 4.5 litre
Combustible diésel
Euro Euro 3
Cajas de cambios
Tipo manual
Configuración del eje 4x4
Estado nuevo
Color blanco
Información adicional
Brand Toyota
Model LC70 hardtop new 2021 model
Steering: LHD (left hand drive)
Generation Land Cruiser LC70
Safety: Dual airbag, ABS brakes
Engine 4,5 litre V8 Diesel (Petrol version can also be quoted).
Doors 3 including rear access
Fuel tank volume 90 L + extra tank of 90L
Coupe type Station Wagon
Length 4995 mm.
Width 1690 mm.
Height 2095 mm.
Wheelbase 2980 mm.
Weight 2045 KG
Payload 925 KG
Gross vehicle weight 3300 KG
Position of engine Front, lengthwise
Ground Clearance 215 mm
Number of cylinders 8
Wheel Drive Part time 4x4
Number of Gears (manual transmission) 5


18mm waterproof plywood coated with vinyl floor with raised edges, antistatic, anti-slippery and easy to clean. Partition:
Bulkhead 18mm PVC intecel sheet partition between driver and patient compartment with a sliding window door. Insulation:
Polyurethane thermal Insulation in the patient compartment to prevent from heat and cold Cabinets:
- Made of PVC intecel plywood which is waterproof and heat resistance
- Main cabinet for medical equipment and material storage at the left side wall and oxygen storage compartment integrated in the same cabinet near to partition wall left side. - Acrylic sliding doors with aluminium sliding channels at the necessary places - All cabinets will be closed with lid and provided firm lock.
All windows are tinted with frosted film Seats:
- Squad bench or attendant seat at the right side with back rest and 2 point safety belts integrated, underneath storage box with open top Grab handle:
- One small handle mounted on the rear entrance door at the right side IV Hook:
- Installed above the left side cabinet with movable IV holder near to patient 4 IV holders
Stainless steel Stretcher loading ramp provided in the rear side for main stretcher for easy moving.
Central Oxygen System:
- Heat resistance Oxygen hoses connection from oxygen cylinder to quick connects
- 2 no’s 10L Oxygen cylinders
- 2 no’s Flowmeter with humidifier
- 2 no’s Regulator with pressure gauge
- 2 no’s of Oxygen outlets or quick connect Air condition and ventilation:
- 12V ventilation fan with integrated light installed at the rear side roof
- Separate AC unit wall mounted at the front side partition in patient compartment with heater

Electrical equipment:
- Control panel box with fuses and relays
- Switch console for both driver and patient compartment
- Marking signs for switches and cables
- 12V socket 2 no’s and 220V sockets 2 no’s in patient compartment Interior lighting:
- LED ceiling light 2 Nos installed in a row

Exterior Lighting:
- LED Light bar siren 100W mounted at the front roof top
- Siren control unit with microphone installed on the driver compartment
- 2 no’s roof f beacon lights mounted in the rear area
- Halogen lights at loading entrance rear side
- Front Grill flasher

Lettering & Livery design:
- Ambulance front and rear mirror image in Arabic and English
- Logo as per customer requirement

Medical Items
- Auto loading stretcher
- Foldable stretcher
- Portable suction unit
- Spine board
- Head immobilzer
- Ambu bag 3 size
- First aid kit
- Syringes 3 sizes 5 each
- Sphygmomanometer
- Stethoscope
- Sharp container
- Fire extinguisher 2 kg
- Face masks

For Export outside of EU only..
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