EKER-MAK CHISEL-SUBSOILER arado de cincel nuevo

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450 €
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Tipo arado de cincel
Año de fabricación 01/2020
Primera matriculación 2020-01
Peso neto 220 kg
Ubicación Turquía ANKARA
Fecha de publicación más de 1 mes
Id. de Autoline XL23738
Estado nuevo
Color rojo
Información adicional: Inglés
In our country the tractor horsepower has increased in recent years. Produced in the previous year, lightweight, cast-footed chisels, in terms of resistance have remained weak, there were problems such as chassis twist and wrist breaking. We have developed HeavyDuty Chisel in accordance with the ever growing tractor technology that is being developed and expanding in terms of horsepower. If required this Heavy Duty Chisel can be used as subsoiler provided the distance between the feet are reduced it can also be used as a cultivator for duplexing purposes. In this way, farmers can carry out few differ- ent things with one single equipment. The outstanding features of our Heavy Duty Chisels also referred to as Chisel Plows compared to plows can be listed as follows;

As the work expansion and work profitability is high, it can plough a wider area with less fuel consumption
The depth of the soil tillage, is so deep as to break the base stone (40-55 cm)
It is removing smaller clod compared to plows,
As it does not create a hard layer at the base as plows, it enables that the rainwater can go down to the lower layers, it also increases the soil’s ability to hold water,
By breaking the base of the plow the development of the root and the stock is increased. On the other hand, it enables the moisture to go to the upper layers, even though the moisture is underneath the soil, it is unable to go up to the upper layers because of the hardness of the base during dry seasons.
Even though the chisel has many outstanding features compared to the plow, it can not be used entirely instead of the plow. The plow has an outstanding feature such as such turning the soil upside and down and for that reason the plow should be used in 3-4 years. EKER-MAK Heavy Duty Chisel, are produced in two different models. The model is aligned in 2 rows on 3 main chassis, it does not load on the hydraulic arm of the tractor and the working width is greater. Regarding the model which is aligned in 3 rows on 4 main chassis, the soil and stubble residue viscosity is more easeful.

1 DK1 70 cm working depth, min power req. 50 HP, net weight 220 kg, frame height 95 cm, working width 100 cm 750,00

2 DK2 70 cm working depth, min power req. 85 HP, net weight 332 kg, frame height 95 cm, working width 224 cm 1.250,00

3 DK3 70 cm working depth, min power req. 130 HP, net weight 540 kg, frame height 95 cm, working width 279 cm 1.850,00

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