SCANIA 2021 (**1537778**) árbol de levas para SCANIA tractora nuevo

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500 €
Precio neto
590 €
Precio bruto
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Tipo árbol de levas
Referencia IAM 1537778
Referencia OEM **1537778**
Año de fabricación 2021
Ubicación Turquía İSTANBUL
Fecha de publicación más de 1 mes
Id. de Autoline FW14239
Estado nuevo
Información adicional
The SCANIA **1537778** camshaft is manufactured as forged steel.

Forged steel features are

Only lift the push forces, use them hot or cold.
Many parts are shaped by forging (iron, metal, steel forging) when strength is required.
With steel forging; to obtain high strength and toughness, to obtain one or more controlled, to minimize and to improve mechanical properties.
The fragile part is processed or processed after the last time.

Our company has started production first forging camshafts in turkey and Since 2010 is awarded to service lot of the domestic market and major transport companies.

Our products are manufactured under the same conditions as crankshaft forging.

All cam shafts are guaranteed 1 Year after the date of invoice.

The product shipping charge will be added to the price list according to city and country.

If you have a shipping company that you have an agreement with, it will be delivered to your company with your direction.
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