CIMEX HPP63 220V 1500W PPR Pipe Welding Machine equipo de soldadura nuevo

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Modelo HPP63 220V 1500W PPR Pipe Welding Machine
Tipo equipo de soldadura
Año de fabricación 2019
Ubicación Bulgaria Sofia
Fecha de publicación más de 1 mes
Id. de Autoline KT19425
Soldadura eléctrico
Estado nuevo
Pintura original
Color metálico
Información adicional: Inglés
Professional pipe welding machine (adhesive) for polypropylene pipes with 1500W power and 6 attachments. Unlike most pipe welding machines for polypropylene pipes in this price range, the machine we offer has a higher capacity, namely 1500 W. Complete with 6 sets of pipe fittings Ф20, Ф25, Ф32, Ф40, Ф50, Ф63, the pipe welding machine is a must for plumbing. Designed for professional use, the soldering iron is supplied complete with tube scissors, tape measure, work gloves and a small level. All this collected in a compact and comfortable metal case.

To control the adhesive temperature, the tube soldering iron is equipped with a stepless thermostat allowing a smooth setting of the desired temperature - 0 to 300 degrees range, achieved in only 15 minutes thanks to the high power of our product.

The nozzles change is extremely easy thanks to all necessary tools included in the complete set of the machine.

Technical data:

• Supply voltage: 220V / 50Hz
• Temperature Controller: 0-300 degrees
• Pipe Sizes: Ф20, Ф25, Ф32, Ф40, Ф50 and Ф63

The kit includes:

• Tube Scissors
• Tape Measure
• Work Gloves
• Small Level
• Compact and Comfortable Metal Case
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