MAN TGM18.250 runway de-icer vehicle otra maquinaria de aeropuerto

MAN TGM18.250 runway de-icer vehicle otra maquinaria de aeropuerto
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Marca MAN
Modelo TGM18.250 runway de-icer vehicle
Tipo otra maquinaria de aeropuerto
Año de fabricación 12/2016
Kilometraje 10 km
Horas de trabajo 10 m/h
Volumen 4 m³
Ubicación Países Bajos Starnmeer
Fecha de publicación mar 15, 2020
Id. de stock del vendedor C001
Depósito de combustible 150 l
Marca MAN D0836LFL63
Potencia 250 Hp (184 kW)
Combustible diésel
Euro Euro 5
Cajas de cambios
Marca ZF 9s-131
Tipo Optidriver
Ejes 2
Configuración del eje 4x2
Control de crucero (tempomat)
Estado nuevo
Color naranja
Información adicional: Inglés
- Engine D0836LFL63 - 250 HP / 184 KW EURO5 – 1000 Nm C-R OBD2
- radiator and intercooler
- visco fan
- EDC engine regulation
- additional fuel filter with water trap, make SEPAR
- fuel filter heating
- control module for external data exchange (KSM) with body functions
- engine brake with additional actuation via brake pedal
- flame starting system
- Engine start/stop device under front panel
- Cruise control
- anti-noise package 80 dB (92/97EEC)
- Transmission ZF 9S-1310 OD
- neutral position switch
Power Take-Offs
- Power take-off on flywheel side with 6-hole flange (100D) f=1.219, 600 Nm continuous load 720 Nm brief load
Front Axle
- front axle VOK-07 dropped
- front springs parabolic 7.1 t
- Stabilizer for front axle
Rear Axle
- rear springs parabolic, 11.5 t
- hypoid rear axle HY-1133
- with differential lock in rear axle
- Stabilizer for rear axle
- disc wheels 10 hole 8.25-22.5 on 1st FA TL
- disc wheels 10-hole 8.25-22.5 on 1st RA TL
- disc wheel 10-hole 8.25-22.5 as spare wheel TL
- spare-wheel holder on left side
- Tyres 295/80R22,5 M+S
Fuel Tanks
- fuel tank 150l right
- steering arrangement, left
- hydraulic steering
- steering wheel with height and inclination adjustment
- steering wheel lock
Brake System
- MAN BrakeMatic (electronic brake system)
- anti-lock braking system (ABS)
- anti-spin regulator (ASR)
- electronic stability program (ESP)
- disc brake for front axle
- disc brake for rear axle
- Air filler connection at front
- Air dryer
Cab exterior
- Cab mounts on coil springs for 'C' cab
- Central locking
- Windscreen of laminated glass tinted
- Door windows tinted
- Kerb mirror, right
- rear-view mirrors heatable and electrically adjustable
- Wide-angle mirror on right, heatable
- Wide-angle mirror on left, heatable
- EU front mirror on co-driver's side
- spray reducer
Cab interior
- driver's seat, high-comfort, with air suspension
- co-driver's seat static, with longitudinal + seat back adjustment
- air auxiliary heater EBERSPÄCHER AIRTRONIC D2
- air conditioning system AC R134A with automatic temperature control
- Electric door window lifters for driver and co-driver
- Folding sunshade for driver and co-driver
- Storage compartment above windscreen
- Signs in English
- instrument panel kmh 'Base-Line'
- Digital tachograph, made by MAN
- MAN Tronic (on-board computer)
- Display on the dashboard for operating data
- coolant level sensor in cab
- Beam throw regulator
- Halogen twin headlights H7 for right-hand traffic
- Daytime running lights (in conformance with ECE R87)
- marker lamps
- lateral marker lights
Electrical System
- Single-tone horn, electric
- Socket in cab 12V 2-pole and 24V 2-pole
- Battery main switch, mechanical
- Batteries 12V 155Ah, 2 pcs
- windscreen washer electric
Runway deicer ORION is designated for snow and ice removal from the airport surfaces by using a plough and spreading deicing solid and fluid material.
Control over the work of machine comes directly from the drivers cabin through the use of a special microprocessor with control panel, which allows to maintain the settings regardless of changes in speed (used tracking control system).
Loading box is made of carbon black steel type S235JRG1.
Two-stage anti-corrosion protection (high build epoxy primer and polyurethane topcoat).
The spreader is equipped with a screen of steel bars and moving element (contra-weight) of bulk materials.
- more plastic elements in the construction of the spreader: plate cover, rear cover – better aesthetics, better antirust protection.
- closed chute – protection against falling of the spreading material onto the plate cover
- innovative hydraulics based on proportional valves by a German company Bosch Rexroth, the world’s leader in this branch – limiting to minimum the failure frequency of the device
- innovative control by Bosch Rexroth control system:
▪ selection of material on the control panel and automatic setting of the interspace at the feeder
▪ possibility of specific weight selection of the spreading material, which makes the spreading very precise
▪ full diagnostics of the main subassemblies of the device – quick information about possible abnormalities of the operation
- Drive from PTO
- Capacity of the hopper 4 m3
- capacity of the brine tank 4000 l
- Spreading with the rear disc including spraying
- Automatic dosing of spreading material (adjusted dose is kept constant even when changing speed, and spreading width) control from the driver's cabin. The automatic system ( the follow-up system) is based on the proportional hydraulics from Bosch Rexroth. Electrical system takes the signal from the tachograph of the chassis and with computer program controls the proportional hydraulic and liquid valves. The valves maintain the inflicted operating parameters, by changing the speed of the conveyor belt and the speed of rotation of the spreading plate. When the machine speeds up, the computer increase the rotation of the spraying plate and the scroll speed of the conveyor belt, to keep the same dosage of material. Exactly the same situation with the spraying nozzles on the spraying arms.
- Switching on and off dosing of brine independently on spreading
- Spreading width by disc (min 2-12 meters) adjustable from the cabin of the vehicle
- Spraying width by arms 22 meters
- Setting of changes of asymmetry spreading from the control panel in the cabin of chassis
- Indication (control, alarm) spreading in the cockpit
- Data archiving (km traveled, amount spreaded, consumption of brine)
- Protection of Pump in the absence of brine
- Hinged roof over the gritting platform, operated from the ground
- Approved orange warning light (flashlights)
- Colors - orange (RAL 2011) – high build epoxy primer and polyurethane topcoat
- lightweight design
- low load on front axle
- stable and reliable support plough structure
- low operating coasts
- easy control from the driver cab
- profiled durable and resistant moldboard and blades
- quick installation and dismounting
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