Arctic Machine AM4000HPD plow placa quitanieves

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Tipo placa quitanieves
Año de fabricación 2018
Ubicación Noruega Tiller
Fecha de publicación mar 19, 2020
Id. de stock del vendedor 6177
Estado usados
Información adicional: Inglés
Working width 2950-4000 mm Maximum wing height 1245 mm Application angle 42 - 0 - 42 Leaf attack angle 75 Weight 1110 kg Thickness of supports up to 90 mm Around 50 advanced technical solutions 10t load Maintenance-free flexible blade elements Manufacturer description: The most audible, fast and efficient front plow in the world. Designed for highways and highways, the Model AM 4000 HPD ensures adequate width coverage for work with side plows. HPD plow has polyethylene blade that is resistant to vibration, hits and aggressive salt ingress Description: Plow is ready for delivery, preparation and adjustments are considered. There may be defects or adjustments not mentioned, see pictures. This ad may contain incorrect information
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