Tellefsdal K70 P 3700 plow placa quitanieves

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Tipo placa quitanieves
Año de fabricación 2012
Ubicación Noruega Tiller
Fecha de publicación más de 1 mes
Id. de stock del vendedor 6173
Estado usados
Información adicional: Inglés
Maximum width 389 cm Minimum width about 317 cm Height draft 140 cm Height center piece 101 cm Maximum tilt position 35 degrees Weight with parallelogram 1270 kg Weight parallelogram 220 kg Weight slaps unit 170 kg Manufacturer Description: K70 combination plow with good properties. A plow that combines good properties from both the diagonal plow and the municipal blade. Made in several widths and editions that make the well-suited ice well densely built stretch as on the road. Durable leather that folds back and is lifted by driving. Provides secure and stable bridging 70 angle of attack against the roadway. Swivelable to 35 angles and draft on both sides. Rolls and throws in an effective way. Aggressive angle of attack makes it easier to keep the road clean. Also comes with hydraulic slipper for extra good road cleaning. Description: Spreader is ready for delivery, preparation and adjustments are considered. There may be shortcomings or adaptations not mentioned. This ad may contain incorrect information
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