POLYGONMACH PBT-50 planta de asfalto nueva

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Modelo PBT-50
Tipo planta de asfalto
Volumen 50 m³
Peso neto 9500 kg
Ubicación Turquía
Fecha de publicación feb 08, 2021
Id. de Autoline WA24308
Capacidad 50 t/h
Caja de herramientas
Estado nuevo
Pintura original
Color metálico
Información adicional: Inglés
• Tanks capacity shall be 50 tons.
• Tanks shall be produced in accordance with TSE and highway commission practices.
• The tank shall incorporate a hot oil heating,
• Seamless steel drawn pipe serpentine system to heat
• The bitumentemperature up to mixer mixing temperature
• The fuel tank shall incorporate level and heat indicator, suction nozzle, filling orifice, ventilation
system, inspection hatch and drain outlet.
• There shall be support legs under the tank and its surface shall be isolated with 50 mm rock wool
and covered with 0,80 mm galvanized sheet.
• Generator capacity shall be 2 000.000 kcal/h.
• The system shall be made according to diesel fuel system.
• The generator shall incorporate a 1500 l filling tank.
• The generator shall be horizontal, have seamless steel drawn hot oil pipe, double wall and
circulation body.
• Generator body shall be isolated with 100 mm rock wool and covered with aluminium sheet.
• Generator system shall be produced according to manufacture standards and it shall incorporate
an expansion tank, degasser, oil filter, valves and full automatic ignition controlled burner,
control panel, pomp and necessary safety equipment.
• The serpentine be made of min. 30 m2 seamless steel drawn pipe.
• The generator shall be equipped with coupled warning system to protect the complete system in
case of dangerous situations showing hot oil level or a decrease in heat transfer oil level.
• The burner system shall be designed to activate automatically depending on the adjusted
operation temperature of the heat transfer oil.
• The system shall be produced in the form of a complete package.
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