OMME 2200RBD BI-Energy, 21.8m Working Height, Wirelessl plataforma articulada

OMME 2200RBD BI-Energy, 21.8m Working Height, Wirelessl plataforma articulada
Foto: OMME 2200RBD BI-Energy, 21.8m Working Height, Wirelessl plataforma articulada
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36.900 €
Precio sin IVA
≈ 43.524 US$
Marca OMME
Modelo 2200RBD BI-Energy, 21.8m Working Height, Wirelessl
Tipo plataforma articulada
Año 01/2006
Horas de trabajo 3140 m/h
Peso neto 3160 kg
Largo del brazo de la grua 21.8 m
Ubicación Países Bajos Groenlo
Fecha de publicación nov 06, 2017
Id. de stock del proveedor PHM-Id 09111
Id. de Autoline KJ13188
Dimensiones totales 6.7 m × 1.11 m × 2 m
Eje delantero
Estado del neumático 40 %
Eje trasero
Estado del neumático 40 %
Color blanco
Información adicional: inglés alemán holandés
Front tyres / undercarriage remaining: 40
Rear tyres remaining : 40
Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 6.7x1.11x2Field of application: Construction
Lifting capacity: 200 kg
Maximum reach: 0 cm
Serial number: 5567SLL
Zustand der Bereifung vorne: 40
Zustand der Bereifung hinten: 40
Transportabmessungen (L x B x H): 6.7x1.11x2Verwendungszweck: Bauwesen
Hubkapazität: 200 kg
Maximale Reichweite: 0 cm
Seriennummer: 5567SLL
Omme 2200 RBD

Manufacturer: Omme
Typ: 2200RBD
Building year: 2006
Fuel: Three power sources - Diesel engine, Mains or battery
Serial number: 5567SLL
Working Hours Electric Engine: 3.140 h
Working Hours Diesel Engine: 2.008

* Working Height: 21.8m
* Lateral Outreach: 12.2m
* Safe Load on Cage: 200 kg
* Extendable jib
* Range of Rotation: +/- 400°
* Cage Dimensions: (L x W x H) 1.25 x 0.8 x 1.1 m
* Engine: Kubota Diesel
* Climbing Ability 40%
* Setup Ability 40%
* Drive Speed: 1.50km/h
* Drive Control Radio Remote control.
* Can work outdoors or in

CE (Declaration of Conformity).
All necessary documents and papers.

More detailed pictures / product movie on our website.

Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice and subject to errors.
Resterend profiel voorbanden: 40
Resterend profiel achterbanden: 40
Afmetingen (LxBxH) (m): 6.7x1.11x2Toepassingsgebied: Bouw
Hefcapaciteit: 200 kg
Maximale reikwijdte: 0 cm
Serienummer: 5567SLL
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