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Marca:  Mercedes-Benz
Modelo:  Arocs 2658
Tipo:  volquete
Primera matriculación:  2019-08
Kilometraje:  120000 km
Peso bruto:  26000 kg
Ubicación:  Hungría Budapest
Fecha de publicación:  más de 1 mes
Id. de stock del vendedor:  LA1555
Marca de la carrocería:  Meiller
Modo de descarga:  tridireccional
Enganche de remolque: 
Potencia:  578 Hp (425 kW)
Combustible:  diésel
Volumen:  15570 cm³
Euro:  Euro 6
Filtro antipartículas: 
Caja de cambios
Tipo:  automático
Ejes:  3
Configuración del eje:  6x4
Freno de motor: 
Aire acondicionado: 
Espejo con calefacción: 
Control de crucero (tempomat): 
Elevalunas electrico: 
Espejos regulables electrónicamente: 
Estado:  usados
Información adicional
Color:  naranja

Información adicional — Mercedes-Benz Arocs 2658 volquete

27805 Exterior mirror electr. adjustable and heatable
S5Z cruise control system (tempomat)
D6F air conditioning
C5J fasteners, for tipper trucks
C5O preparation, for special attachments at the front
C5P frame screwed
C6C steering, 1-circuit
C8F fender, for chassis transfer
D5Y rubber mats, driver and passenger side
E0D battery sensor, Hella company
E5A Switch No. 1 for third-party electrical system
E5B Switch No. 2 for third-party electrical system
E5H night running light switch
F0Y mirror cover, construction vehicle
F5Y A-pillar trim
F7D bumper, middle section towing eyes, coupling jaw
G0B drive train, 44 t to 80 t
G0R transmission support arms, optimized for expansion
G0W off-road driving program
I2H tires tubeless, 315/80 R 22.5 HA
I2P tires tubeless, 385/65 R 22.5 VA/VLA/NLA
I6I vehicle production facility in Wörth
I6K Heavy series, new generation from 18 t
I6M Heavy vehicles from 18 t, off-road
I6W leaf suspension, rear axle
J1S tachograph manufacturer VDO
J2K speakers, 2-way system
K5M tanks, lockable
K5S protective cap for AdBlue dosing system
M0C lower shell, against dust swirling
M7I insect screen, in front of the cooling system
O0A Coolant service interval long for non-SWR
O1T interior color greige/anthracite
O1Z steering, indirect
O2D control code, steering oil cooling
O2F power take-off, NMV or rear engine
O2L GU vehicle with registration restrictions
P0Q cover, for wheel arch and engine
P0S free space for control unit
between driver's seat and door pocket
P9A tilt control, in the cab
P9B switchover to trailer operation
P9D switching on-board automation
Q8F hand lever, top, for trailer hitch
S8A first aid kit
S8C warning triangle
S8D warning lamp
S8E safety vest
U1W AdBlue lines, water heated
U2P cooling module new, 2nd generation
V0T vehicle class N3G, off-road vehicle
V0V rear overhang angle, at least 25 degrees
V0W ramp angle, at least 25 degrees
V0X Ground clearance under front axle, at least 250 mm
V0Y Ground clearance under rear axle, at least 250 mm
V0Z ground clearance between the axles
at least 300mm
V7N body type tipper/tipping semi-trailer
X2S test book
X2T Digital Service Booklet
X2Y registration certificate, part II, prepared
X3O Mercedes-Benz OnRoadService
Y1F Assignment OPP top coat line 1
Y4A telescopic jack, 12t/19t
Y4J 2 wheel chocks
Y4Y tire inflation hose
Y4Z compressed air gun, with hose
Z1H EBS, Wabco company
Z3D switch module 2, version B
Z3F switch module 7
Z3L Single-SAM instead of SAM-Cabin and SAM-Chassis
Z4B Domestic (Germany)
Z5G fan position, on crankshaft
Z5K fan ratio, 1:1.2
Z5P clutch supplier F&S
Z5V starter with M10, HDEP
Z5Y vehicle, for right-hand traffic
N6U Elimination of tipper drive
C0B frame overhang 800 mm
F2U ClassicSpace
F2E floor variant, tunnel 170 mm, for storage compartment on the left
Q7V central axle trailer coupling, D50, ring spring
Q8R end cross member, reinforced
F6I front mirror, heated
M7J protective plate under bumper
F7B bumper, steel corners
L9G pre-equipment, work lights
Cab rear wall
L9B pre-equipment, additional headlights
L9C pre-equipment, additional headlights, roof
L1Q taillights construction, in sheet metal frame with grille
L9A Preparation for all-round beacons
J2G Digital Radio
J2H Multimedia Radio Touch
J2Y CB radio, 24 V
J9J Preparation for rear view camera
J1C instrument cluster, 12.7 cm, with video function
E3Y PSM, body and trailer CAN, ISO 11992
S5A speed limiter 90 km/h / 56 mph, ECE
D6Z construction site filter
D7R storage flaps, above windscreen
D4Y sun blind, side, driver's side
Y1X refrigerator, in drawer, under bed
E3L socket 24 V/15 A, passenger footwell
D7J drawers, under bed
F8B 2 remote control keys
F8F comfort locking system
D2N seat back, release, driver's seat
D3Q seat cover, velor, driver's seat
D3T seat cover, velor, passenger seat, middle seat
B5B trailer brake, 2-line
B4A condensation monitoring, for compressed air system
B1D Electronic compressed air supply unit, medium
Q1N front spring 8.0

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Identifying number: LA1555
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