CATERPILLAR SEM 919 motoniveladora nueva

CATERPILLAR SEM 919 motoniveladora nueva
Foto: CATERPILLAR SEM 919 motoniveladora nueva
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Modelo SEM 919
Tipo motoniveladora
Año 09/2014
Ubicación China shanghai
Fecha de publicación más de 1 mes
Id. de Autoline BV5698
Dimensiones totales 8.7 m × 2.63 m × 3.34 m
Caja de herramientas
Marca SMD
Ejes 2
Equipo adicional
Equipo mullidor
Estado del vehículo
Estado del vehículo nuevo
Lacado original
Pintura original
Color amarillo
Disponible 19
Información adicional: inglés
•Powerful engine conforming to Stage II emission regulations
•Cooling system meets -40oC to +50oC ambient conditions
•Advanced power shift (6F/3R) transmission
•Reliable and durable three-section axle with limited slip differential
•Comfortable cab located on front frame provides great visibility and easy operation
•World class variable piston pump divides flow efficiently for lower power consumption
•Proportional, pressure compensating hydraulics provide smooth operation with increased efficiency
•Electro-Hydraulic control center-shift pin and blade linkage provide world-class blade reach and fast positioning
•Optimized blade curvature and throat clearance for increased productivity
•Unique front axle design provides optimum wheel lean and machine mobility
•Wide range of attachments to meet customer-specific job requirements

Operating Weight 15,070 kg
Engine Model SDEC SC8D190.1G2
Rated Power 140 kW/188 hp
Overall Dimensions L*W*H 8703x2630x3360 mm
Blade Length 3,974 mm
Max. Drawbar 78 kN
Max. Lift above Ground (Blade) 475 mm
Max. Depth of Cut (Blade) 715 mm
Max. Blade Tip - Forward 40º
Max. Blade Tip - Rear 5º
Front Axle Steering Angle Left/Right 47.5º
Min. Turning Radius 7.8 m
Tandem Oscillation (Front up) 15º
Tandem Oscillation (Rear up) 25º
Transmission Model Hangchi 6WG180
Gears F6/R3
Tires 17.5-25
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